Guppy Fish Tank Care

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About Guppy Fish

Want to know about Guppy Fish and How to do Guppy Fish Tank Care? Guppy Fish is a beautiful and fancy freshwater tropical fish, also recognized as Rainbow Fish. It is the most famous species as freshwater aquarium fish. Guppy fish belongs to the Poeciliidae family. Guppies were found only in northeast South America but after introducing to many inhabitants now found all over the world.

The guppies are inexpensive and low-cost freshwater tropical fish. Even though some of the forms are expensive. To build an aquarium, guppies are best to start with because they are small, easy to keep in a smaller tank, easily collected and easily breed. The guppies are colorful species and are the best choice for beginners, especially for the children.

We can easily distinguish male guppies from female guppies. Because Male guppies are smaller than female guppies, more colorful than the female with beautiful, colorful, large caudal fins(tail). Female guppies are larger, thicker, and less colorful with small caudal fins.


How to do Guppy Fish Tank Care?

Here are some tips. By following these tips, you can do your guppy fish tank care and keep them healthful and long living.

Choose an Aquarium

Your first step is to choose an aquarium tank. You should keep in mind the aquarium size for guppies. Guppies are very small compared to other tropical freshwater fish. The female guppies’ full maturity size is 1.5 inches while male guppies are 1.2 inches.  You can easily calculate how many fish you can keep in your aquarium. 1-inch fish takes 1 gallon of water. Ideally, your aquarium should be 10 gallons of water. You can keep 7 to 8 guppy fish in your 10 gallons tank.

Keep in mind the tropical temperature

As you know guppy fish is a tropical freshwater fish, so we should keep in mind the tropical temperature of the water that can be the mid-70s at a minimum. 1 gallon of water needs 5 watts of energy to heat. Buy heater according to your aquarium size. If you have 10 gallons of water tank then ask the pet supplier before buying. For reproduction, Guppies need around 22.2–26.1 °C (72–79 °F) temperature of water. So, you have to take care of it for reproduction.

To avoid overheating, you can keep the thermometer in the tank to check the temperature. If you feel the water overheated, take some warm water out and fill it with cool water. We also hear about sad stories of heaters cracking and fish killing. So buy quality and branded heaters.

Filtration System for Guppy Fish Tank Care

One of the most important ways for guppy fish tank care is filtration. Nowadays, Aquarium tanks are available with filtration system but if your’s not then you can buy it separately. You should clean the filter when it turns into a brown or black color. This will keep your guppy fish tank clean and healthy.

Add Plants and Decoration to your aquarium

For guppies, you should add beautiful plants and other items for decoration into your aquarium tank. Add some colorful and beautiful stones and gravels into the bottom of the tank. Use some plants in the aquarium so, guppies feel aquarium their home. They also need something to hide their self.

When you buy the stones or gravel, wash all substrate and decoration items before placing them in the tank. Don’t add such type of items that fish can swallow and may lead to illness.


Feeding your Guppy Fish

It is very important to take care of the feed of your guppies and now is very easy to feed them. You can easily buy “Freshwater Tropical Fish Flakes” at any pet store. Always buy quality Food. That should have complete nutrition in it for guppy fish. You can buy pre-made flakes food but avoid feeding them high protein food.  Balance protein with vegetable based food. Brine shrimp, white worms, earthworm flakes, and mosquito larvae are the best food for guppies.

With taking care of quality food, take care of the amount of the feeding. Feed your fish a small quantity 2 to 4 times per day.  You can give them brine shrimp during one feeding, and flake food during the next feeding.

Note: Don't overfeed your guppy fish. They can die due to overfeeding.

Guppy Fish Tank mates

Guppy Fish Tankmates can be molly fish, Gouramis, platies, and other guppies. With these tank mates, you will no need to worry about the guppies. You can try to keep other fish in guppy fish tank. But you will have to keep an eye on them because of some fish temperament for the safest environment.


Change water two times in a week

In spite of having a filtration system, all types of aquarium need to be clean two times in a week. You should change 25% of the dirty water with fresh clean water for better health of the guppy fish. You should use a siphon hose to reach the bottom of the tank and clean the leftover food and other dirt stuck at the bottom. You don’t need to get fish out, but after changing 25% to 40% of the water with clean water, your guppy fish will be able to adjust.

Use a Light for Guppy Fish Tank Care

Guppies aren’t too good to pick light. So you should buy a light with the feature to turn on and off at the same time every day. Your guppies can bear 8 hours of darkness in a day.  You can manually turn on the light at the morning time and turn off it at night.

I hope after reading these Guppy Fish Tank Care tips, it will be easy for you to keep guppy fish as a pet and you can take care of this beautiful tropical freshwater fish.