How to distinguish between Male and Female Guppies?

Guppies are beautiful pets. If you are thinking about keeping guppies as pets, you must know the male and female one. It is very easy to distinguish between male & female guppies. But there are some guppies which have such appearance that it is difficult to identify their sex.  When male and female guppies meet, they develop their breed very quickly. When young guppies are one week old, we can identify sex.

Examine the Difference

Some guppies look very resemble each other that is why there are some ideas to understand the male & female guppies as by their body, size, colors, and fins.

Check the Body Shape of the guppies

The body shape of male and female guppies are very different. The female guppies are rounder and larger while the male guppies have very slim and long bodies. The female guppies are two times bigger than male guppies.

When the female guppies are pregnant, it can be easy to identify it. Because she will grow as rounder during pregnancy.

Female Guppy

Check the Size of Guppies

You can differentiate between male and female guppies by their size. When the male & female guppies are young, it will be difficult to check their size. You can check their size with a magnifying glass during their swimming in the tank. Female guppy’s growth can be 2-1/8 inches and male guppies growth can be 1-1/8 inches.

Check the colors and patterns of Guppies

The color of male guppies is brighter than the female guppies. Male guppies are very colorful and cover bright colors and patterns on their body. The male guppies use their glowing colors as orange, blue, and green, black to pull their partner. Female guppies have light grey or silver body with some more colors.

Check the tails of guppies

You can check the guppy’s tail fin or the caudal to identify its sex. The male guppies have a long tail with a lot of colors and female guppies have short caudal fins than male long caudal fins.

Long Tail Guppy

Check the Anal Fins

You can notice the shape of Anal Fins. The male anal fin is different in shape. The male anal fin is narrow and low while female guppy anal fin is in a triangular shape. The anal fin is found before the tail fin. The male guppy produces sperm in female guppy by anal fin.

I hope after reading this article, you can easily distinguish between male & female guppies. You must know about their sex before keeping them. If you want to keep just male guppies to give an attractive and colorful look to your aquarium tank, you can classify by their colors, size, body, and fins.

If you desire to keep for the breeding of guppies and then you should keep both sexes. Guppies breed is very easy. Keep healthy guppies and take care of their aquarium tank. Check out this blog to take care of your aquarium Tank.

Types of Guppies according to Colors

Guppies are native to South America and are found in the rivers of Amazon, Barbados, Brazil, Trinidad, Guyana, and Venezuela. The guppies are in so many beautiful and various colors. Because of its beautiful colors, Guppies are popular as an aquarium pet. Mostly hobby breeders love to keep guppies as their pet. There are many types of guppies in the world.  Here we define types of guppies according to their colors.

 Guppies by colors

Guppies are found in all beautiful colors. Male guppies are extra colorful and beautiful than female guppies. Check out types of guppies according to colors.

1.     Blue Guppy

This guppy consists of a blue color, a solid blue color. Their color can be sky blue to dark blue color. Mostly owns an electric blue color. Blue female guppy looks more beautiful because of blue color highlights in their fins.


2.     Green & Blue Bicolor Guppy

All guppies are beautiful but bicolor guppies look very attractive. This guppy type has green & blue colors in their body. The guppies have one main color and the secondary color highlights in fins. If a third color highlights also found then it’s not a bi-color guppy but a multicolor fish.


3.     Albino Guppy

This guppy is completely white and has a pink color throughout its face. It consists of red eyes. Albino guppies seem very beautiful. Their white color gives them different delicate look among colorful guppies.


4.     Metal guppy

Metal guppies specialty is, they can change their color and can hide from the predator. The guppies have a different type of pigment “iridophores” on their body. They can mimic their surroundings.

5.      Black Guppy

Black guppy name explains its specification. Guppies have a solid black color in their body. Some guppies have solid black color from their body to tail and some have bluish type black color. Mostly bigger guppies have less solid black colors and have other colors with black.


6.     Bronze Guppy

Bronze guppies have 25% golden color in their body and have black scales on it. These guppies and gold guppies are alike in some areas as the gold guppies should have 25% of gold color on their body. These guppies have a very dominant color between other colors.


7.     Green Guppy

Green guppies have a very charming green shade. Some green guppies have a shade of medium to dark green color and some have a blue shimmering with green color.  These guppies are very difficult to grow. That’s why highly in price.


8.     AOC (Any other color) guppy

According to IFGA classification, the AOC guppies cover all other types of guppies. They can be available in many colors as red, yellow, black and much more.


9.     Multi Guppy

Multi-colored guppy is very popular. These guppies have 3 or more different colors that are properly disseminated in their caudal fins area. Some multi guppies seem like a rainbow and very attractive.

10. Female Guppy

According to IFGA classification, female guppies have a gravid spot in their tails. Their fin color is attractive. Female guppies are bigger than male guppies and are less colored.


11.Purple Guppy

The purple guppy has a fin and tail, half of its body consists of purple color. Purple color gives a different look to the guppies and attracts the people.


12.Red Guppy    

Red guppies often have very large bodies and have a solid red color throughout their body and fins. There are several variations of colors on their body as gold, grey or albino.


13.Half Black Red Guppy

These guppies have a half black body. Their rest of body consists of a solid red color. Their body length is equal to their tail length. Because of bright red fins and tails with half black body, this guppy looks very attractive.


14.Red Bicolor Guppy

Red Bicolor Guppy’s basic color is red but has several color variation in their body and fins. The second color covers 25% of the tail. The base color and second color are different from each other. The dorsal and fin colors are exactly the same as the base color. If a third color covers 10% then its bicolor red guppy but if more than 15% then it will include in the multicolor guppy.


15.Half Black AOC Guppy

With half black color, these types of guppies have numerous other colors. Their tails and fins are multi-colored. These guppies half color is solid black.

16.Yellow Guppy

This yellow guppy’s color is a dominant yellow color. Its complete body with their fins and tails consists of yellow color. This guppy is rare to find and has very importance.


17.Half Black Yellow Guppy

Like other half black guppies, these guppies half color is black with a bright yellow color in their tails. Like yellow color guppies, these guppies are also difficult to maintain.


18.Half Black Pastel Guppy

This guppy consists of half black body with any other pastel color except for the yellow color. Most of these guppy’s caudal fins are in white pastel color. Their caudal fins can be affected by their food. This type of guppy should be maintained with perfect care.

19.Half Black Blue Guppy

This type of guppy is a favorite of blues lovers. With a variety of blue shades from sky blue to dark blue color and a half black body, this guppy is very charming to look.


20.Half Black Green Guppy

This guppy is hard to find just like a green guppy. This guppy has a green color in tail and fins and the half black color in the rest of the body. It has a touch of golden color or any other color near its face area that distinguishes it by other guppies.


21.Half Black Purple Guppy

This guppy is the most beautiful guppy in the half black guppy category. With a half, black body and shining purple color in fins and tails make it really a fascinating fish.


These are the types of guppies according to colors but there are more types of guppies according to patterns, species, Fins, and Tails. We will discuss them in another blog.

How to Start Moina Culture?

Moina are small freshwater crustaceans also known as “water fleas” because of their hopping like motion. The main difference between Daphnia and Moina is their size, Moina are smaller with young about the same size as newly hatched brine shrimp while Daphnia can grow up to 5 mm. Moina also are tolerant of a wider range of temperatures and water quality and cultures are 3 to 4 times more productive than Daphnia cultures making them better suited for hobby cultivation.

I will focus on Moina Culture for the rest of this article however; Daphnia can also be cultured using the same techniques. Moina is one of the most nutritious live foods available for fry and since they live in fresh water you don’t have to worry about uneaten ones fouling your water. They require a bit more space to culture than many other live foods but are relatively easy to culture moina.

Items Needed For Moina Culture:

1) Moina starter culture – available online.

2) A spare 10 gallon tank with a light and air.

3) Some water from an existing tank.

4) Food for you moina culture – Baker’s yeast or spiralina powder.

Moina Culture

First fill your 10 gallon tank with some water from an existing tank. You can mix it with dechlorinated tap water if needed to fill the tank. Add an air stone to the tank to provide some light circulation. You don’t want the water to be turbulent; you just want a little circulation to keep food suspended. Adding a small mesh bag of crushed coral will help provide calcium and buffer the PH.

For optimal production, Moina require a PH of 6.5 or higher, a temperature between 75F and 80F, and 12 to 24 hours of light per day. Once your tank is set up you can acclimatize and add you starter culture. To feed your culture, dissolve 1 teaspoon of yeast in a pint of warm water (optionally you can mix in a little powered spirulina too). Once cooled, strain about an ounce though a brine shrimp net to filter out any clumps and add to the tank. The amount fed is dependent on the amount of Moina and the clarity of the water. This is the hardest part about growing Moina as you must learn to adjust this as needed.

Feeding should be done on a regular basis at about the same time each day. If you happen to be raising snails or just have a lot of extra ones, you can add some snails to the tank and just feed the snails instead of feeding the Moina. The snail droppings contain lots of bacteria and encourage the growth of infusoria for the Moina to feed on. You can also seed a lightly aerated quart or gallon jar with Moina and snails so you have a backup starter culture. To harvest your Moina you can simply use a brine shrimp net to scoop them out. Once a week scrub any algae from the glass and turn off the air to let the tank settle. Then siphon off any debris from the bottom of the tank and replace the water removed with dechlorinated water or water from another tank.

Moina are perfect for your small fish like guppies, neon, betta, baby Axolotl, etc. Moina are also perfect for baby fish or fry since their size is really small. They are also perfect to condition your Guppy fish for breeding purposes.

Guppy Fish Breeding

In this post we are going to discuss about Guppy Fish Breeding. Firstly we have to distinguish Male and female guppies.We can easily distinguish male guppies from female guppies. Because Male guppies are smaller than female guppies, more colorful than the female with beautiful, colorful, large caudal fins(tail). Female guppies are larger, thicker, and less colorful with small caudal fins.

Selecting the fish for Guppy Fish Breeding

    Choosing the right type of guppy fish also ensures that the frys have market value. The patters, wing shape of parents will also determine that of the fry. Which means, better two breeds will give a better efficient one. It is in the ratio of 1:3 male: female as males tend to get more aggressive if there’s only one female. Hence, 1:3 is used.

Selecting the Tank for Guppy Fish Breeding

   Just like selecting the guppy fish, Guppy Breeding tanks should also be taken into account. For mass breeding, usually it’s 45-90L tank with a gentle filter as the frys might get sucked into it

Setting up the Guppy Breeding Tank

   As we selected the appropriate guppy fish breed and the tank, next part is to set it. After giving birth, female Guppy’s show cannibalistic nature. So, hiding places for Fry’s should be available. Which means, low floating plants as the Fry’s are not that strong and some high floating plants too to save the strong ones. Even though, it’s better to move the mom right after labor to ensure more number of Fry’s. It might seem like a cruel practice, but in real, you’re actually saving the Fry’s. Don’t use any rocks or stones as it’s harder to remove. Clean and clear bottom is the best as it’s easy to identify the Fry’s. Mosses also provide a good hiding spot

Adjusting the breeding tank

  Climate and other factors also makes sure that the fry’s are healthy and grown to their full potential. Keeping the temperature at 25-26.11°C is adviced. Providing the female and fry’s food with high nutritional value ensures that the fry’s are grown to full potential.

Next step in Breeding Guppy is to put the male and females in the tank. After the female is pregnant,male can be put back into a different one. To check that, check for dark black/blue spot in the stomach also known as Gravid Spot.  Close to labor, it grows darker. It usually takes 26-31 days to give birth. The stomach grows bigger and the gravid spot goes darker. After giving birth, remove the mom’s as fast as you can as they’re cannibalistic. Which means, keep a close eye on the mom. When it’s close to labor mom fishes tend to sit very still and seclude themselves along with shivering. They also hangs out close to the heater. There is a change in the appetite, not eating, leaving a lot of food left are all taken into notice. If the fish shows these signs, it means that the labor is close.

Taking care of the Guppy Fish fry

In short, after the guppy fish fry’s are born, remove the mom’s as soon as possible. You can also use breeding box as the female is cannibalistic.
For those who can’t keep a close eye, Guppy breeding boxes does the job. It’s better to use it if you’re a first timer. It saves the babies from mom. Covering the filter with tights also stops the guppy babies from being sucked into it.

What is the lifespan of guppies?

Ever contemplated the most extreme age that a guppy can live for? On the off chance that you wish that your valuable guppy experience the greatest measure of years conceivable at that point there are some sure ways that you should think about it with the goal that you can accomplish this point. This article will advise you about those ways. Be that as it may, right off the bat let us talk about quite numerous years can a guppy live accurately for.

On the off chance that you take superb consideration of your valuable guppy, at that point it is normal that it will live for among one just as two years. You have to take the most extreme consideration for your guppy on the off chance that you wish it to live for this long. Like each living thing, it is essential that it ought to get appropriate sustenance in order to have the capacity to live; it likewise needs to remain serenely.

A few guppies have had the capacity to live for around four just as five years. This is regularly not the situation. It has been seen that guppies regularly will in general live for around one or possibly two years and in the middle of this too.

How to Keep Great Consideration of your Guppy with the goal that it can carry on with a Long Life?

On the off chance that you want your valuable guppy to have the capacity to live for however many years as could be expected under the circumstances then you have to genuinely think about some essential focuses. These will be clarified in detail beneath.

The Nature of the Water that you Spot your Guppy in

On the off chance that you put your guppy in water that has been dealt with and is spotless then your guppy is probably going to have the capacity to experience the most extreme measure of years. The poor guppies that don’t have great quality water will in general draw in numerous maladies towards them thus beyond words rapidly.

The Temperature of the Water that the Guppy is put in

Guppies flourish when they are put into water that is cool. In water that is cooler, guppies will in general develop at a moderate pace and along these lines their life expectancy is more in contrast with the poor guppies that are set in water that will in general be hotter. This is a vital point to recall when taking care of any guppy fish that you have brought.

The Substance you feed the Guppy

Like each other living animal present on this planet, its eating routine truly impacts to what extent it can make due for. A similar case is available with guppies. Guppies which are given a superb nutritious just as changed eating regimen will in general frequently live for additional time in contrast with ones that are given something very similar to eat continually. It is accordingly important to get the essential supplements required for these particular fish’s on the off chance that you wish that they can live for the most extreme years feasible for this sort of fish. When you buy your guppy you can request that the vendor reveal to you what is the best nourishment to encourage your valuable guppy? You can likewise request that what feed it on the off chance that you wish to give it a shifted eating routine. Along these lines your guppy will almost certainly get by as it will be fit and sound.

In the event that it is your intend to give your guppies a chance to experience the most extreme measure of years conceivable then it is essential that you give them water that is of a great quality, a cool water temperature, just as an eating regimen that will in general be differed just as exceptionally nutritious. Along these lines your valuable guppy will be given with the fundamental necessities that are basic for a guppy to stay sound. Your guppy may likewise live for over two years, you never know.

On the off chance that you wish, if it’s not too much trouble disclose to us how long your valuable guppy fish has had the capacity to get by for. It will be an enormous joy for us just as our different peruses to know this reality. We are exceptionally quick to think about any guppies which had the capacity to live for around one just as two years, plus whether anybody had a guppy which had the capacity to stay alive for an inexorably extensive stretch of time. In the event that anybody is confronting issues in influencing their guppies to stay for around a year just as progressively then please illuminate us too. You can reveal to every one of us these things in the alluring remarks segment.

Guppy Fish Price


Guppy price varies according to breed, quality, and location. Guppy fishes are beautiful fresh water fish available in all over world which can make your fish tank more colorful. Even though the fish is smaller in size, the price of guppy fish varies according to its breeds and quality. Guppy price in India starts from $0.30 (20 rs) per pair to $265 (25,000 rs) per pair (price estimate). As Indian market is growing day by day, demand for product is increasing.The demand for Guppy fish is rising tremendously in Indian Market.

Factors that effects guppy price in India

Guppy price can vary according to breeds .when new varieties are coming to market the price will fluctuate the market. Imported guppy fish price may go higher till it’s demand finishes in the market. Local guppy fish breed’s price will be affecting according to market fluctuations only. For instance, earlier white tuxedo Guppy were available in market for 250 rs per pair, but now it’s available in the local market for price ranging from 80 – 150 rs per pair. 

Another factor which affects the price of guppy is the quality of the fish. Some people will feed the guppy fish only normal fish foods; it really affects the quality and pricing. For better quality, growth and colour, feeding live fish foods are the most important part of Guppy Fish Care. If guppy fish is of good quality and colour, people are willing to take it for a good price. 

One more Factor which affects guppy price is it’s location. In some locations, availability of guppy fish is hard.In such cases, ghe price of fish may increase. Places where there are less number of breeders or shops have monopoly to sell guppy fish at a higher price. This can also affect the market price of guppy fish. There are a lot of options to overcome that. By purchasing live fish online from genuine websites and wholesale dealers can get you Guppy at a lower price.


Guppy Price Conclusion

Guppy Fish price varies according to market demand. For choosing the right quality guppies, we advise you to purchase guppy fish from quality breeders so that you can get the fish at an affordable price rather than buying from a shop nearby. Always feed live fish food for good quality babies. If you are purchasing guppy fish for breeding, never purchase it from local shops, purchase it from other breeders. So that you can get nice quality fish at affordable price. Always purchase guppy fish which is popular in current market rather than purchasing low quality at a cheaper price. Buy good quality guppies at medium price will also increase chance of earnings for breeders. For Instance, if you are breeder if you purchase pair of guppy fish for 30 rs. While you are going to sell it in future you will get 15 rs per pair only. If you Purchase pair for 100 rs, while you selling you will get 50 – 75 rs per pair. So our friendly advice is to purchase high quality guppy fish from quality breeders at an affordable price as well as always feed live fish food for getting quality babies and good colour.