Guppy Fish Breeding

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In this post we are going to discuss about Guppy Fish Breeding. Firstly we have to distinguish Male and female guppies.We can easily distinguish male guppies from female guppies. Because Male guppies are smaller than female guppies, more colorful than the female with beautiful, colorful, large caudal fins(tail). Female guppies are larger, thicker, and less colorful with small caudal fins.

Selecting the fish for Guppy Fish Breeding

    Choosing the right type of guppy fish also ensures that the frys have market value. The patters, wing shape of parents will also determine that of the fry. Which means, better two breeds will give a better efficient one. It is in the ratio of 1:3 male: female as males tend to get more aggressive if there’s only one female. Hence, 1:3 is used.

Selecting the Tank for Guppy Fish Breeding

   Just like selecting the guppy fish, Guppy Breeding tanks should also be taken into account. For mass breeding, usually it’s 45-90L tank with a gentle filter as the frys might get sucked into it

Setting up the Guppy Breeding Tank

   As we selected the appropriate guppy fish breed and the tank, next part is to set it. After giving birth, female Guppy’s show cannibalistic nature. So, hiding places for Fry’s should be available. Which means, low floating plants as the Fry’s are not that strong and some high floating plants too to save the strong ones. Even though, it’s better to move the mom right after labor to ensure more number of Fry’s. It might seem like a cruel practice, but in real, you’re actually saving the Fry’s. Don’t use any rocks or stones as it’s harder to remove. Clean and clear bottom is the best as it’s easy to identify the Fry’s. Mosses also provide a good hiding spot

Adjusting the breeding tank

  Climate and other factors also makes sure that the fry’s are healthy and grown to their full potential. Keeping the temperature at 25-26.11°C is adviced. Providing the female and fry’s food with high nutritional value ensures that the fry’s are grown to full potential.

Next step in Breeding Guppy is to put the male and females in the tank. After the female is pregnant,male can be put back into a different one. To check that, check for dark black/blue spot in the stomach also known as Gravid Spot.  Close to labor, it grows darker. It usually takes 26-31 days to give birth. The stomach grows bigger and the gravid spot goes darker. After giving birth, remove the mom’s as fast as you can as they’re cannibalistic. Which means, keep a close eye on the mom. When it’s close to labor mom fishes tend to sit very still and seclude themselves along with shivering. They also hangs out close to the heater. There is a change in the appetite, not eating, leaving a lot of food left are all taken into notice. If the fish shows these signs, it means that the labor is close.

Taking care of the Guppy Fish fry

In short, after the guppy fish fry’s are born, remove the mom’s as soon as possible. You can also use breeding box as the female is cannibalistic.
For those who can’t keep a close eye, Guppy breeding boxes does the job. It’s better to use it if you’re a first timer. It saves the babies from mom. Covering the filter with tights also stops the guppy babies from being sucked into it.

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