How to distinguish between Male and Female Guppies?

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Guppies are beautiful pets. If you are thinking about keeping guppies as pets, you must know the male and female one. It is very easy to distinguish between male & female guppies. But there are some guppies which have such appearance that it is difficult to identify their sex.  When male and female guppies meet, they develop their breed very quickly. When young guppies are one week old, we can identify sex.

Examine the Difference

Some guppies look very resemble each other that is why there are some ideas to understand the male & female guppies as by their body, size, colors, and fins.

Check the Body Shape of the guppies

The body shape of male and female guppies are very different. The female guppies are rounder and larger while the male guppies have very slim and long bodies. The female guppies are two times bigger than male guppies.

When the female guppies are pregnant, it can be easy to identify it. Because she will grow as rounder during pregnancy.

Female Guppy

Check the Size of Guppies

You can differentiate between male and female guppies by their size. When the male & female guppies are young, it will be difficult to check their size. You can check their size with a magnifying glass during their swimming in the tank. Female guppy’s growth can be 2-1/8 inches and male guppies growth can be 1-1/8 inches.

Check the colors and patterns of Guppies

The color of male guppies is brighter than the female guppies. Male guppies are very colorful and cover bright colors and patterns on their body. The male guppies use their glowing colors as orange, blue, and green, black to pull their partner. Female guppies have light grey or silver body with some more colors.

Check the tails of guppies

You can check the guppy’s tail fin or the caudal to identify its sex. The male guppies have a long tail with a lot of colors and female guppies have short caudal fins than male long caudal fins.

Long Tail Guppy

Check the Anal Fins

You can notice the shape of Anal Fins. The male anal fin is different in shape. The male anal fin is narrow and low while female guppy anal fin is in a triangular shape. The anal fin is found before the tail fin. The male guppy produces sperm in female guppy by anal fin.

I hope after reading this article, you can easily distinguish between male & female guppies. You must know about their sex before keeping them. If you want to keep just male guppies to give an attractive and colorful look to your aquarium tank, you can classify by their colors, size, body, and fins.

If you desire to keep for the breeding of guppies and then you should keep both sexes. Guppies breed is very easy. Keep healthy guppies and take care of their aquarium tank. Check out this blog to take care of your aquarium Tank.

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