Types of Guppies according to Colors

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Guppies are native to South America and are found in the rivers of Amazon, Barbados, Brazil, Trinidad, Guyana, and Venezuela. The guppies are in so many beautiful and various colors. Because of its beautiful colors, Guppies are popular as an aquarium pet. Mostly hobby breeders love to keep guppies as their pet. There are many types of guppies in the world.  Here we define types of guppies according to their colors.

 Guppies by colors

Guppies are found in all beautiful colors. Male guppies are extra colorful and beautiful than female guppies. Check out types of guppies according to colors.

1.     Blue Guppy

This guppy consists of a blue color, a solid blue color. Their color can be sky blue to dark blue color. Mostly owns an electric blue color. Blue female guppy looks more beautiful because of blue color highlights in their fins.


2.     Green & Blue Bicolor Guppy

All guppies are beautiful but bicolor guppies look very attractive. This guppy type has green & blue colors in their body. The guppies have one main color and the secondary color highlights in fins. If a third color highlights also found then it’s not a bi-color guppy but a multicolor fish.


3.     Albino Guppy

This guppy is completely white and has a pink color throughout its face. It consists of red eyes. Albino guppies seem very beautiful. Their white color gives them different delicate look among colorful guppies.


4.     Metal guppy

Metal guppies specialty is, they can change their color and can hide from the predator. The guppies have a different type of pigment “iridophores” on their body. They can mimic their surroundings.

5.      Black Guppy

Black guppy name explains its specification. Guppies have a solid black color in their body. Some guppies have solid black color from their body to tail and some have bluish type black color. Mostly bigger guppies have less solid black colors and have other colors with black.


6.     Bronze Guppy

Bronze guppies have 25% golden color in their body and have black scales on it. These guppies and gold guppies are alike in some areas as the gold guppies should have 25% of gold color on their body. These guppies have a very dominant color between other colors.


7.     Green Guppy

Green guppies have a very charming green shade. Some green guppies have a shade of medium to dark green color and some have a blue shimmering with green color.  These guppies are very difficult to grow. That’s why highly in price.


8.     AOC (Any other color) guppy

According to IFGA classification, the AOC guppies cover all other types of guppies. They can be available in many colors as red, yellow, black and much more.


9.     Multi Guppy

Multi-colored guppy is very popular. These guppies have 3 or more different colors that are properly disseminated in their caudal fins area. Some multi guppies seem like a rainbow and very attractive.

10. Female Guppy

According to IFGA classification, female guppies have a gravid spot in their tails. Their fin color is attractive. Female guppies are bigger than male guppies and are less colored.


11.Purple Guppy

The purple guppy has a fin and tail, half of its body consists of purple color. Purple color gives a different look to the guppies and attracts the people.


12.Red Guppy    

Red guppies often have very large bodies and have a solid red color throughout their body and fins. There are several variations of colors on their body as gold, grey or albino.


13.Half Black Red Guppy

These guppies have a half black body. Their rest of body consists of a solid red color. Their body length is equal to their tail length. Because of bright red fins and tails with half black body, this guppy looks very attractive.


14.Red Bicolor Guppy

Red Bicolor Guppy’s basic color is red but has several color variation in their body and fins. The second color covers 25% of the tail. The base color and second color are different from each other. The dorsal and fin colors are exactly the same as the base color. If a third color covers 10% then its bicolor red guppy but if more than 15% then it will include in the multicolor guppy.


15.Half Black AOC Guppy

With half black color, these types of guppies have numerous other colors. Their tails and fins are multi-colored. These guppies half color is solid black.

16.Yellow Guppy

This yellow guppy’s color is a dominant yellow color. Its complete body with their fins and tails consists of yellow color. This guppy is rare to find and has very importance.


17.Half Black Yellow Guppy

Like other half black guppies, these guppies half color is black with a bright yellow color in their tails. Like yellow color guppies, these guppies are also difficult to maintain.


18.Half Black Pastel Guppy

This guppy consists of half black body with any other pastel color except for the yellow color. Most of these guppy’s caudal fins are in white pastel color. Their caudal fins can be affected by their food. This type of guppy should be maintained with perfect care.

19.Half Black Blue Guppy

This type of guppy is a favorite of blues lovers. With a variety of blue shades from sky blue to dark blue color and a half black body, this guppy is very charming to look.


20.Half Black Green Guppy

This guppy is hard to find just like a green guppy. This guppy has a green color in tail and fins and the half black color in the rest of the body. It has a touch of golden color or any other color near its face area that distinguishes it by other guppies.


21.Half Black Purple Guppy

This guppy is the most beautiful guppy in the half black guppy category. With a half, black body and shining purple color in fins and tails make it really a fascinating fish.


These are the types of guppies according to colors but there are more types of guppies according to patterns, species, Fins, and Tails. We will discuss them in another blog.

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